Italian for Musicians

The passion for my mother tongue brought me to teaching it to musicians and, between 2012 and 2017, to becoming Italian Lecturer at the “Carl Maria von Weber” conservatory in Dresden. In 2017 I was also Lecturer for “Italian for the Opera” classes at the Udk Berlin.
Thanks to my experience as a singer, singing teacher and Italian coach for operas, I have had the privilege to examine closely the challenges of this wonderful language and to work on effective solutions. The focal points of my teaching are specifical musical terms, operatic Italian, elocution, Italian phonetics and phonology, and translation of the musical literature. Standard Italian is important too, in case for example of a masterclass or rehearsal in Italy.
The program is individual according to the wishes, time and needs of the students. My lessons are ideal for singers, singing teachers, orchestra and choir conductors, repetiteurs and musicians which have to use Italian for work. The punctual comprehension of the texts and the fluency in the italian diction are fundamental in today’s job market.

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Levels: from A1 (beginners) on.
Prices and appointments on request.
Place: Berlin Moabit 10559 or online.
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